Romance B&B - FAQ's

  • Do I need any sailing experience for the BnB On Sea

    No, our experienced skipper will look after you to and from your anchorage.

  • What time do we leave?

    Please arrive from 4.00 pm.

    We generally leave our base at the National Maritime Museum between 4.00pm and 5.00 pm.

    Where possible we are delighted to offer you an earlier departure.

  • What time do we get picked up the next day?

    Between 8.00am & 8.30am, late pick ups can be arranged.

  • What should we bring?

    All you need is an over night bag with toiletries, warm comfortable clothing, non-marking soft soled shoes, CDs and any additional beverages.

  • Will it be cold on board?

    The cabin warms up quickly as the yachts are well insulated. The bedding is nice and warm and you will have hot water too.

  • Are there power points on board?

    The on board systems are run off a 12v battery supply so the only access to power is by using a 12v adaptor.

    Sorry, not enough to power hair dryers.

  • Can we smoke on board?

    Smoking is not allowed below deck. Smoking above deck is permissible, however we ask that you refrain from throwing butts overboard.

  • If we bring our own food is there cooking equipment on board?

    The yacht has a 2 burner stove with an oven, including pots, frying pan, cutlery and crockery.

  • Where do we anchor in the Harbour?

    Depending on the wind direction, we use one of three designated anchorages.

    1. Athol Bay, in front of Taronga Zoo if the wind blows from the N/NE.
    2. Snail's Bay, Balmain if from the S/SE
    3. Bulls Head Bay, Waverton if from the W/SW.
  • Where do we have breakfast?

    You are provided onboard with a Breakfast Basket to have the following morning. It includes tea, coffee, pastries and juice - see the menu for further details

  • Will I get seasick?

    We always choose the best possible sheltered anchorage to minimise the rocking of the yacht.

    Occasionally during the night wash from passing vessel might cause the yacht to rock.

    If you are susceptible to seasickness or travel sickness you can try remedies such as tablets, spray and wrist bands.

    It is quite rare for our customers to get sea sick.

  • What happens if we cancel our booking?

    Usual booking conditions apply. Any monies paid can be used as a future credit.

    Postponement fee applies and you can arrange to pick up the food (if cancelled on the day).

    To re-book there will be a charge for the food order unless outside of 3 working days.