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Valentines Day - Treat the one you LOVE

Antique Valentine 1909 01That day you celebrate romance....roses, candy, cupid...... SAILING!

Valetines Day's origins is a bit muddled, no one has really been able to pinpoint the exact origin, though a good start is ancient Rome due to the fact that they celebrated the feast of Lupercalia between the 13th - 15th February. In short, goats and dogs were sacrificed and women were whipped with their hides.
These Roman 'romantics' were drunk and naked with young women lining up to be whipped as they believed it would make them fertile! This brutal feast involved a lottery in which men would draw young womens names from a jar, coupling them up for the entire time and longer if it was a 'good match'...

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In additon, on Feb 14 (different years in the 3rd Century A.D.) Emperor Claudius II executed two men, both named Valentine and their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine's Day.

Later on some time in the 5th Century, things were even more muddled up when Pope Gelasius I combined St. Valentine's Day with Lupercalia to expel the pagan ritual and whilst the Christians put their clothes back on it was remained a day of fertility and love

During the same period, Galatin's Day ( "lover of women" ) was being celebrated by the Normans, this may have been confused with St. Valentine's Day.

And then of course our favourite William Shakespeare helped romanticise the entire day, hence gaining popularity throughout Britain and the rest of Europe.

In 1913, Hallmark Cards of Kansas City, Mo., began mass producing Valentines cards and today it's big business with the Americans estimating some US$18.6 billion is spent on romancing each other on the day!

But for those in SYDNEY don't have to spend that much - for as little as $990 you can romance your loved one during an evening on a yacht on Sydney Harbour.

Our ROMANCE B&B OVERNIGHT stays are the best way to enjoy Valentines Day together during the Sydney summer!

Compare Romantic B&B Overnight Stays

Offered All Year Round All Year Round All Year Round
Departure Time 5pm 5pm 5pm
Return (following day) 9.00am 10.00am 10:30am
Yacht Dufour 310 Hunter 36 NEW Dufour 382
Dinner 2 Gourmet Platters 2 Gourmet Platters 2 Gourmet Platters
2 Hour Harbour Sail
B'fast  Basket
Drinks BYO or Order BYO or Order BYO or Order
Price (2 ppl) $990 $1195 $1395
Extra Person (Max. 2)
$200 $200 $200

Note: All prices are in $AUD (Australian Dollars)

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