Have you considered investing in a charter yacht

A professionally-managed, generates income and allows owner access is the smart way to own a new yacht.

It is rare to be able to have your cake and eat it too, as the old proverb goes, but investing in a charter yacht is probably the closest thing. When you buy a yacht and place it in charter, you should enjoy a positive return on your investment but also get to use the boat when it's not under charter.

Get into Sailing the Right Way

If you want to learn to sail but don’t know where to start, Sydney By Sail’s Introduction to Sailing is an excellent choice. Designed to give people confidence to offer their services as crew or get ready for yacht ownership, the course is certified by International Yacht Training and is recognised world-wide.

The time commitment is only 18 hours, usually over two weekend days, and includes 12 hours of tuition time and two social fun races on board one of the company’s Darling Harbour based yachts.

You can see the full outline at The course includes safety briefings, use of equipment on board, hoisting and trimming sails, passage planning, rope work, berthing, anchoring and man overboard drills.

Cost is $595. Other courses include International Crew Certificate, Night Sail, International Flotilla Skipper/Watch Keeper, International Bareboat Skipper and International Skipper.

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How to own a share in a luxury yacht



Darling Harbour-based Sydney-by-Sail and sister company US Yachts provide a unique service to anyone who is getting into sailing for the first time.

Instead of just buying a yacht and sailing away into the sunset, customers can learn to sail, join a syndicate and buy a complete yacht, all in the one place.

General Manager of Sydney-by-Sail, Ed Penn, says he is pleased by the number of people who approach yacht ownership in this methodical way.

“We have people, often couples, who come to us to learn to sail. We offer everything from an introduction to sailing to advanced qualifications that allow you to skipper a charter yacht in Europe or the Caribbean, for example,” Penn explains. “Sometimes that will be the goal, but often customers just want to get to a stage where they are comfortable taking a boat out and returning her safely to the dock.”

Penn says that the next stage for many is buying a share in a yacht syndicate. US Yachts offers various syndicates where 10 people co-own a brand-new yacht from Elan or Hunter. It entitles them to at least 33 days of sailing a year, with all maintenance handled by the company.

“It's very much step-on, step-off,” says Penn. “Some shareholders will want to go racing, others will want to go cruising and we can organise that for them at a very competitive price.”

The syndicates run for three years, when the boat is sold and the owners share the proceeds. Penn says that some will re-invest in a new syndicate while others will be ready to buy their own boat for extended cruising holidays or perhaps for more regular racing.

“The concept of a one-stop shop obviously works for these people,” Penn says. “I think it gives a good sense of security to do some formal training prior to yacht ownership, and then there is a way to go sailing on beautiful Sydney harbour without having to outlay a quarter of a million dollars up-front.”

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What to Wear for your next Company Team Event Sailing

Sailing aboard a luxury yacht on Sydney Harbour is a memorable experience.  To ensure you enjoy your trip on the Harbour it is worth considering what you and your colleagues should wear. 


Soft soled non marking footwear is essential.  Hard or high heels are potentially dangerous to wear on the smooth deck surfaces and also damage the luxury yachts.  Barefoot is permissable, however there are many things to catch and stubb toes when moving around the deck, so we ask that those that go barefoot remain seated in the cockpit.  Suggetsed footwear includes, tennis shoes, deck shoes, non marking indoor shoes, well fitting sandals with soft soles and sailing boots.


Loose fitting comfortable clothes allowing ease of movement are the most suitable.  Bring a jacket that is either windproof or waterporoof is the weather looks inclement.  We recommend wearing layers of clothing that can be easily removed in warmer weather yet still at hand when the sun goes down or during the cooler months.  It is always cooler on the water, so be prepared is the best approach. 

Hat, Sunscreen and Water

Essential items to pack when planning your trip on the Harbour.  Water and sunscreen are also available at the check in counter at Sydney By Sail. 



The Process Of Luxury Boat Hire In Sydney

If you are planning a boat party, it is important to know the process of luxury boat hire in Sydney. Though the task is not difficult, if certain things are not done properly, you might end up with a bad deal. And you don’t want that, especially as you are hiring the boat for some special occasion, like your anniversary party, or a child's birthday, or New Year’s party. You would not want it ruined, because of a small mistake on your part, when hiring the boat.

So, what needs to be done, literally, for smooth sailing? What will help to make the process easy?

Well, to start with, you should ask yourself some questions –

Q#1 – What Is Your Budget?

It is of extreme importance to know how much you can spend for the event. You need to include the cost of boat charter in Sydney, and also for food, drinks, entertainment, and decorations. Ask the company what is included in the charter package. You should not be surprised on the date of the party that additional charges for extras would be levied.

Q#2 – Is Your Party Date Flexible?

If your occasion for partying is nothing specific, then your party could be held on any date the boat is available. Also, birthdays and anniversaries are person specific, special dates, and thus a boat could be easily available for those. Thus, you need not worry months in advance. However, if it is to be a New Year’s party, you need to book it in advance, really early, otherwise all the good, luxurious boats would already have been chartered.

Q#3 – How Many Guests You Will Have?

If you book a boat before drawing a guest list, you might either end up with too small or too big of a boat, you would have to cut down or add to your guest list, to suit the boat. You would not want either, and so, it is wise to first draw the guest list (plus keep a buffer), and then hire the boat accordingly.

Q#4 – Will There Be Kids On Deck?

If yes, then you need to check the security aspects of the boat you hire, before anything else. Security becomes the prime factor, when kids are involved, especially when you are on water. Make this the first topic of discussion with the Sydney boat hire company.

These questions, once answered, would make the process of luxury boat hire in Sydney very easy, and there will be no scope of error while booking.