International Certificate of Competence Assessment.

The International Certificate of Competence Assessment is now required for operators of most vessels on both inland and coastal waters in a large part of the sailing community. You must have completed at least the International Skipper Course or equivalent to be eligible to gain the ICC. 


  • Introduction
  • Preparation for Sea - Safety briefing including use of all safety equipment
  • Pre-start engine checks
  • Pre-start weather checks
  • Start engine and check cooling
  • Check fuelling requirements and range

ICC Test

  • Each candidate executes a short pre-planned passage as skipper/captain
  • Testing of the following is required: - Alongside skills, departure/arrival at pontoon/dock
  • Man overboard recovery
  • Securing to a buoy
  • 360 degree turns
  • 3 point turn
  • Navigation skills
  • Handling under power
  • Handling under sail

Theory Test - Regulations - Required for all candidates

  • Regulations and pilotage - Required for coastal
  • Navigation - Required for coastal

CEVNI Test - For inland waters only

  • Submit a Menu and Victualling List

COST: $425 (includes ICC licence)

  • The course is run over a day from 9am to 5pm
  • Past students gain a 20% discount