Introduction to Yachting – Sailing Course Sydney

Take to the waters of beautiful Sydney Harbour and learn all the fundamental principles of sailing. Learn how to prepare a yacht for sailing, understanding the wind & weather, manoeuvring, rules of the road, knots and basic navigation. The course is run over two days (mainly weekends) from 10.00am to 4.00pm (subject to change)



  • Introduction - Explanation of the training syllabus and system of training modules
  • Safety Briefing - Safety precautions - Introduction to use and location of life jackets, flares, liferaft, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, safety harnesses
  • Location and use of: heads, bilge pumps, water pumps (manual and pressurised), cooker and propane gas, battery selector switch, cabin lights, general housekeeping rules
  • Suitable clothing/footwear, effects of heat and cold
  • Seasickness
  • Dos and don'ts aboard a yacht
  • Passage Planning - Briefing about passage, to include chart, effect of tides/currents, weather forecasts, courses, safe passage
  • Look out and things to watch for
  • Keeping track of progress


  • Rope Work - Coiling a line, securing to a cleat
  • Tie the following knots - round turn and two half hitches, clove hitch, figure of eight stopper knot
  • Safe use of winches
  • Short Passage - Sail - Handling sails and halyards, hoisting and lowering sails. Winches, boom and associated dangers
  • Understands the commands for tacking and gybing
  • Slipping and coming alongside, Anchor, Man overboard
  • Securing for sea, lookout duties, steering and general duties

COST: $595 for weekend course.

  • IYT Boating Passport Logbook - $25

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