Point to Point Regatta

The Point to Point Regatta combines the excitement of yacht race with the fun element of deciphering clues that determine the race course.  Your yacht will have a minimum of seven people on board.The regatta is fun, safe and challenging. Your group is divided into teams, then we conduct a safety briefing followed by crew role allocation and team practice.

Then the racing begins, with crew deciphering clues contained in a series of envelopes that determine where the marks are that the yahcts ahve to race around.  The Point to Point Regatta will help develop cohesiveness as the group learns the importance of team work and communication. They will have to think and act fast under race conditions. Our qualified skippers encourage everyone's participation and provide positive feedback.

Number of Races: 1

Duration: 4 Hours

Minimum per yacht: Seven (7)

Maximum number per regatta: 400

Cost: $195 per person


  • Yachts
  • Certified Skippers
  • Safety equipment
  • Full briefing
  • Race course design
  • On water race monitoring
  • Committee boat start and finish

Typical schedule::

We are flexible with your preferred times, morning or afternoon and seven days a week although the following schedule is the most popular:

  • 13:00 - Welcome and orientation
  • 13:15 - Team allocation and briefing onboard one of our Hunter yachts
  • 13:30 - Yachts depart and set sail. Crews practise manoeuvres and talk tactics
  • 14:00 - Race starting sequence begins with the 6 minute sound signal
  • 14:05 - 5 minute sound signal and yachts jockey for position
  • 14:10 - Race/races begin
  • 16:30 - Race finish
  • 17:00 - Prize giving and refreshments back at Darling Harbour Pontoon (optional)