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Fleet - FAQ's

  • Can you assist me with purchasing a Dufour or Elan Yacht?

    Yes, just contact us to arrange a booking for a test sail.

    Our sister company, Performance Cruising Yachts, is the exclusive Australian distributor for Dufour and Elan yachts.

  • What type of Yachts do you have in your fleet?

    Our fleet is made up of Hunter and Dufour Yachts. We have a syndicate yacht that is an Elan Impression 40 name Katja.

    We have multiple models in our fleet including the Dufour 310, Hunter 36, Dufour 382, Hunter 39 and Dufour 412.

  • Why have we chosen Hunter and Dufour Yachts?

    Sydney By Sail Management and staff have done extensive testing of various brands of yachts and have concluded that Hunter and Dufour Yachts are the best performing, most reliable and most comfortable yachts to use for charter.

    Hunter is easy to sail and comfortable yachts to charter. Our brand new Dufour yachts bring a sleek, dynamic and upmarket flair to our pontoon. These innovative new designs are bound to turn heads as you cruise around the harbour. 

    They also comply with NSW Maritimes strict rules for commercial charter yachts.

  • Can Hunter or Dufour Yachts be used for team building or racing?

    Yes. We have a number of yachts that are the same or similar sizes, including two Dufour 310's, two Hunter 36's, and a Hunter 39/Dufour 382.

    This ensures evenness when we conduct our very popular Corporate Sailing Regattas or Treasure Hunts.