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Sailing School - FAQ's

  • What type of yacht is used for the Beginner Course?

    For our beginner course we use our Dufour 310. This cruiser is easy to handle and is equipped with the latest electronic equipment to make your sailing training comfortable.

  • What type of yacht is used for the Competent Crew Course?

    We use a Dufour 310 yacht or similar size , ideal for beginners to intermediate level.

  • What type of yacht is used for the Skipper Course?

    All our coastal sail training is on board a 38 or 39-feet boat.

    This yacht has additional safety equipment necessary for coastal cruising and racing.

    With a deep keel, spacious cockpit and roomy cabins it really is the optimal size for both short and long haul sailing.

  • How many students are on board?

    It depends on the course: In harbour training - up to 4 students

    Skipper training 5-6 students

    Long haul up to 6 students and 2 Instructors.

  • Where does it all lead to?

    Like any sport it can take a lifetime to master. It really depends on your own schedule.

    We can provide the training and many excellent and fun ways to gain the experience. As you build your knowledge and skills new doors open.

    Generally, from beginner to bareboat charter we require at least 26hrs of instruction and a few social races under your belt before we will allow you to charter one of our smaller yachts with people of similar experience and favourable weather conditions.